CHEMAX BLOCK CRETE is made from a unique combination of cement, graded sand and selective additives. The unique chemical combinations enable this mortar to more compact, thinner and more versatile. At only 3 mm thick it is far through than the conventional mortar which is between 12-18 mm. It is pre mixed so it is easy to use and   also ensures the compaction of interlocking bricks making the bonds tougher and more durable

CHEMAX BLOCK CRETE is a Versatile thin jointing material for laying AAC Blocks, concrete Blocks, Fly ash bricks, etc. It replaces conventional cement and sends mix mortar. Laying and jointing of masonry units like fly ash bricks, concrete blocks, hollow blocks, AAC blocks, etc. jointing of Prestressed concrete slabs, panels. jointing of cement – concrete floor tiles. jointing of concrete window and door frames

Block Crete

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Thinner jointing material with very high adhesive strength improve overall masonry strength and load bearing capacity Pre-mixed and ready to use. Only water is to be added at site. Eliminates lengthy process of site mixing, transport and storage of all individual material. No water curing is required after application. East to mix much faster to apply due to its superior flow ability and water retention properites. Thinner layer of application for lesser shrinkage and seamless structure. Economical qualitity of mortar is far less than conventional mortar. Seepage/water percolation through joints is negligible due to integrity of mortar joints with masonry units. Ready to subsequent application like plastering just after 24 Hr. of application Raking of joints is not required before plastering. Raw materials are process reducing the chances of efflorescence. CHEMAX BLOCK CRETE is made from eco friendly material.

Block Crete Manufacturer India
Appearance Free flowing power
Color Grey
Water demand at temp 27 Deg.C and humidity 45-55% 25 – 30 %
Workability Very good
Dry at temp 27 Deg.C and humidity 45-55% 24 hrs
Pot life Approximately 2 hrs. @ 27 C
Self Curing No additional water curing is required
Tensile strength @ 28 days 12 Month
Coverage Of Jointing Mortar 0.8 N/mm2
  • Surface Preparation : Surface of masonry units should be slightly wet prior to application if CHEMAX BLOCK CRETE. The masonry units should be clean with no Loose particles or dust for better bonding. Surface must be structurally sound. Surface defects such as cracks, holes of voids should be repaired prior to application.
  • Mixing : It is very important that CHEMAX BLOCK CRETE is mixed with water thoroughly before use. It is advisable to use a Mechanical stirrer for uniform mixing to save time, labor and maximum workability effectiveness. Used a clean vessel / bucket and some water in the empty vessel to ensure no power gets stuck on the bottom of the vessel and put required quantity of CHEMAX BLOCK CRETE. Mixing ratio depending on the thickness of the product to be applied. Add approximately mix 25-30% of the clean water and 70% of powder and mix. Water is added in stages to get a smooth uniform workable mix. Allow time for initial mixing.
  • Method Of Application : Lay out the wall where CHEMAX BLOCK CRETE is to be used and mark opening like door, windows. Apply a thin uniform layer of CHEMAX BLOCK CRETE 3-4 mm thick on the clean and level surface of masonry unit using proper trowel. Place the next course of masonry units on the evently laid jointing mortar bed in proper line and level. Each masonry unit shall be properly bedded and set in position by gently pressing with the handle of trowel. After placing the first units apply CHEMAX BLOCK CRETE of same thickness on both the side of the unit. Checkfor lines & levels. Inside face of the mansonry unit shall be buttered with mortar before the next unit is laid and pressed against is especially in case of bricks. Clean the excess material, if any immediately continue the procedure for the entire masonry work.
  • Coverage : Under normal condition the coverage of jointing mortar is approx. 90-100 ft with average thickness of 3 mm for a bag of 25 kg. for block size 600x200x150 mm. coverage area however in depend upon the eveness of the substrates thickness of joint and size of masonry units.
  • Storage : CHEMAX BLOCK CRETE should be stored in dry place for better result
  • Shelf Life : CHEMAX BLOCK CRETE has a minimum Shelf Life of 12 month; it kept in a dry store.
  • Health & Safety : CHEMAX BLOCK CRETE is cement based and hence alkaline. Care should be taken to avoid inhalation of dust and contact with skin and eyes during use.
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