CHEMAX SBR 44 is modified styrene butadiene rubber emulsion specially designed for use as a bonding aid and gauging liquid for cementations systems. It is resistant to hydrolysis and can therefore be used for external applications too.

Uses: For modifying and improving bonding of floor toppings, renderings and mortars; repair of worn, damaged and spelled concrete, repair of large cracks; polymer modified floor screeds; waterproof plasters for masonry and slurries.


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Simple to use

Single component, gauged as required.


Improves durability

Gives weather resistant mortar with improved impermeability to chlorides
and other harmful agents.


Cost effective

CHEMAX SBR 44 is economical to use


Reduces permeability

Provides waterproof screeds, plasters and permeability slurries


High adhesion

Provides excellent bond to concrete, adhesion plaster, masonry, stone work, etc.


Increases strength

Improved tensile and flexural properties allow thin applications.



Compatible with all common hydraulic cements.

Mechanical Properties
Mechanical propertiesNumber of daysControlCHEMAX SBR 44
Compressive strength (N/mm2)3 Days
7 Days
28 Days
Tensile strength (N/mm2)28 Days2.53.5
Flexural Strength (N/mm2)28 days5.06.5
  • Surface Preparation : The object of the surface preparation is to achieve a clean sound surface with a good mechanical key. All substrates should be cleaned and free of dust, plaster, oil, paint, grease, corrosion deposits, and any other deleterious substances. Laitance should be removed by mechanical means. Smooth substrates must be mechanically roughened e.g. by scabbling, needle gun or grit blasting to provide an adequate key. Corroded reinforcing steel should be exposed around its full circumference and cleaned to remove all loose scale and corrosion deposits. It is always preferably to clean the steel to a bright condition. Use of emery cloth, grit or sand blasting is recommended.
  • Priming : Reinforcing steel must be primed with CHEMAX Primer immediately after cleaning. The concrete substrate should be thoroughly dampened with water and any excess water removed before being primed by thoroughly scrubbing in a slurry coat of 1 volume CHEMAX SBR 44 to 1 volume water to 3 volumes fresh cement. In order to obtain a smooth consistency the cement should be blended slowly into the liquids. Stir frequently during use to offset settlement. Avoid 'puddling' of the slurry coat. The topping must be applied on to the wet slurry. If the slurry dries out it must be removed and the clean substrate reprimed.
  • Typical Mix designs to modify mortars :

    1. Patching and repair mortars and plaster for masonary :
    Cement : 50 kg
    Zone 2 sand : 150 kg
    CHEMAX SBR 44 : 5 - 9 liters
    Recommended water addition : 11 - 15 liters
    Recommended thickness : 8 to 30mm

    2. Heavy duty floor screeds :
    Cement : 50 kg
    Zone 2 sand : 75 kg
    3-6mm Granite chips : 75 kg
    CHEMAX SBR 44 : 5 - 9 liters
    Recommended water addition : 8 - 12 liters
    Recommended thickness : 10 to 25mm
    The screed should be of a semi-dry cohesive consistency.
  • Packaging : CHEMAX SBR 44 is supplied in 250ml, 500 ml, 1, 5, 20, 50,200 liter containers.
  • Coverage : Slurry primer - approximately 4- 5 m2/ liter depending on substrate porosity.
  • Shelf life : CHEMAX SBR 44 has a shelf life of 12 months if kept in a dry store in unopened condition
  • Storage : Storage in must be room temperature ( 20c to 42c)
  • Cleaning : Tools and equipment should be washed with water immediately after use.
  • Health & Safety instructions : CHEMAX SBR 44 should not come in contact with skin and eyes or be swallowed. Protective gloves and goggles should be worn during handling the product. If contact with skin occurs, wash well with soap and water. Eye contamination should be washed thoroughly with clean water and medical advice sought. If swallowed seek medical attention immediately - Do not induce vomiting.
  • Fire : CHEMAX SBR 44 is non flammable.
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