CHEMAX GROUT A01, a plasticized expanding grout admixture is supplied as a powder. The
Material is a combination of a plasticizing agent and a gas producing expansion medium.
The plasticizing agent allows the use of a reduced water/cement ratio with consequent increased strengths and durability.
The expansive medium counteracts the natural settlement and plastic shrinkage of the grout
And aids stability and cohesion

Uses :

  • CHEMAX GROUT A01 is an admixture for Cementitious grouts where a reduced water/cement Ratio and positive expansions are required.
  • Applications include bed grouting, duct grouting, non-shrink infilling and jointing.
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Reduced water

Reduced water/cement ratio mixes in the grout mix ensures low permeability and long term
Durability in service.


Gaseous Expansion System

Gaseous expansion system compensates for plastic shrinkage and settlement in properly designed Cementitious grout


Increased Strength

Composition allows high early strength development in grouts, without the use of chlorides.


No metallic Content

No metallic iron content to corrode and cause staining or deterioration due to rust expansion in the grout

  • Chloride content : Nil
  • Compressive Strength : The plasticizing action of CHEMAX GROUT A01 allows reduction of the water cement ratios of Cementitious grouts whilst maintaining flow properties. This gives improvement in strength and long term durability when cured under restraint.
  • Setting Times : CHEMAX GROUT A01 does not significantly alter the setting times of cement based grouts.
  • Expansion Characteristics : The controlled positive expansion in unset grouts incorporating CHEMAX GROUT A01 grout admixture overcomes plastic settlement when measured. An unrestrained expansion of up to 4% is typical.
  • Time for expansion : 15 min. - 2 hours. Temperatures above 200C may slightly reduce these times.
  • Compatibility : CHEMAX GROUT A01 is compatible with all types of Portland cement. CHEMAX GROUT A01 may be used in mixes containing certain other CHEMAX admixtures. CHEMAX shall be contacted for further information.
  • -It shall be ensured that areas to be grouted are clean, sound, and then pre-wetted. The unrestrained surface area of the grout must be kept to a minimum.
    -The grout shall be placed within 20 minutes of mixing to gain the full benefit of the expansion process.
    - Usual placing or pumping procedures shall be adopted ensuring a continuous operation.
  • Curing: : On completion of the grouting operation, any exposed areas which are not to be cut back should be thoroughly cured by means of water application, CB Supercure membrane or wet hessian.
  • Cleaning : Grouts mixed with CHEMAX GROUT A01 should be removed from tools and equipment with clean water immediately after use. - Cured material should be removed mechanically or with CB CLEANER MP, multipurpose cleaning agent.
  • Packaging : CHEMAX GROUT A01 is supplied in 225 g packs.
  • Shelf life : CHEMAX GROUT A01 has a shelf life of 6 months if kept in a dry store in its original packing. High temperature and humidity storage may reduce this period.
  • Health and Safety instructions: : CHEMAX GROUT A01 is of low hazard. Contact with the skin and eyes, or inhalation of dust should be avoided. Suitable protective clothing, gloves eye/face protection and dust mask should be worn.
    - In case of contact with skin, it shall be washed with clean water. In case of contact with eyes, it shall be rinsed immediately with plenty of water and medical attention shall be sought immediately.