CHEMAX WALL PUTTY is a white cement based product with redispersible polymer and functional additives for application on interior and exterior rough plasters to give a smooth finish.

It does not require any water curing and can be very effectively applied over fresh plastered walls resulting to savings in time and cost.

Uses: CHEMAX WALL PUTTY is used on the interior and exterior wall surface and ceiling, to protect the base from water absorption, hence making the base 100% waterproof before application paint. It improves the adhesion with concrete and a smooth surface is obtained for paint with higher coverage

Chemax Wall Putty

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Good Workability

Good Workability


Good Intercoat

Good intercoat adhesion to emulsion paints


Resists growth

Resists growth of algae and fungi on wall


Smooth Finish

Provides smooth and uniform finish to rough plasters


Good Strength

Good Tensile Adhesion Strength, Compressive Strength and Flexural Strength

Mechanical Properties
AspectWhite Powder
Compressive Strength at 270 C at 28 days>9.0 N/mm2
Tensile Adhesion Strength at 270 C at 28 days>1.0 N/mm2
Setting TimeInitial > 100  Final < 490
Water Absorption Co-efficient (kg/m2 ,H1 /2)< 1.0
Water Retentivity (%)Water Retentivity (%)
Pot life of thinned material2 to 3 hrs. (Temp. 30 c, h 65 %)
Dry for Recoat6 to 8 hrs (temp. 30 c, h 65 %)
  • Surface Preparation : Before application surface preparation is very important. Surface should be clean, free from loose particles, oil, grease or any other foreign materials. The substrate should be thoroughly cleaned by sand paper or wire brush.
  • Mixing : Add 50% water to CHEMAX WALL PUTTY and mix with a mechanical mixer for 10-15 minutes to obtain an uniform paste. We recommend using a mechanical mixer to get better coverage. It is very essential and has to be ensured that water is added to CHEMAX WALL PUTTY and not vice-versa. It is advised to mix required quantity of the material , so that it can be consumed within 2-3 hours of mixing water.
  • Packaging : 40 kg
  • Coverage : 8 – 15 sq.ft/Kg ( Depending on finish of the wall )
  • Do not apply the material without pre – wetting the surface for the 1st coat
  • Ensure the material is mixed homogeneously with water and allowed to stand for 5-10 mins before application
  • Do not sand the material vigorously with Emery Paper otherwise it will reduce the strength of the material
  • Do not apply the material to fill cracks
  • Though the material is non-toxic, care should be taken to avoid dust inhalation while mixing and handling
  • SHELF LIFE AND STORAGE : Shelf life is 12 month from the date of manufacturing. The material should be stored between 5° C to 40° C and avoid exposure to sunlight
  • FIRE : CHEMAX WALL PUTTY Wall putty is nonflammable
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