CX SUPERCONCRETE LS is a dark brown liquid based on lignosulphonates which mixes readily with water and therefore disperses evenly. CX SUPERCONCRETE LS waterproofs by improving the quality of the concrete or mortar. It reduces the water demand for required workability and minimizes segregation and bleeding.

Uses : To minimize permeability and increase the waterproofing properties of concrete and cement sand mortars for critical applications like roof slabs and screeds, basements, external plastering, bathroom floors, water tanks, sumps, drains etc.

Standards compliance:  CX SUPERCONCRETE LS conforms to IS: 2645-2003.

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Liquid admixture

Instant and complete dispersion throughout the mix. Uniform waterproofing
throughout concrete matrix.


Improved workability

Improves compaction of concrete and mortar, even where harsh sands or
aggregates are used.


High efficiency

Dramatic reduction in permeability of concrete/ mortar


Improved concrete quality

Minimizes porosity and honey combing. Produces dense homogenous

Compatibility Can be used with all types of cements, including Pozzolanic but not High Alumina Cement.
Permeability to waterLess than 15% as compared to 50% max. Allowable under IS: 2645compared to control sample.
Setting Time No significant effect on setting time of concrete or mortar
Compressive StrengthMaintains compressive strength equal to control concrete or mortar and can evenimprove on strength property if full advantage of water reduction potential is utilized.
WorkabilityImproves workability at reduced water cement ratio

Note: Mixes using CX SUPERCONCRETE LS will require much less water than normal mixes for the same workability. Water reduction may be as much as 15% or more. If the moisture content of the sand or aggregate changes i.e., it becomes wetter or dryer, and then the amount of water used must be reduced or increased to give the original workability.

  • Mortare : CX SUPERCONCRETE LS is ideal for use with all sand/cement mortars where it is required to reduce permeability to a minimum.
  • Concrete : CX SUPERCONCRETE LS is recommended for all general mass concrete work where, due to harsh aggregates, difficulty of compaction or mix control, the risk of porosity and permeability must be minimized. E.g. Basements, bund walls, tanks, balcony, floor and roof slabs.
  • N.B. : The minimum dosage is 125ml and the maximum is 200ml per 50kgs of cement. If maximum dosage is used a minimum of 15% water should be reduced to ensure no loss in strength. Site trials shall be carried out to arrive at the optimum dosage.
    The required quantity of CX SUPERCONCRETE LS is measured and stir into the first or second bucket of water. CX SUPERCONCRETE LS water mixture shall be added to the concrete or mortar and mixed thoroughly. Mixing shall be continued and further water shall be added until the required workability is obtained.
    The total amount of water added per mix in the initial batches shall be maintained for the remaining batches.
  • Packaging : CX SUPERCONCRETE LS is supplied in 125gm, 1, 5, 20 and 200 kg containers.
  • Storage : CX SUPERCONCRETE LS has a minimum shelf life of 12 months, if kept in a dry store in unopened containers.
  • Health & Safety instructions : CX SUPERCONCRETE LS is non-toxic. Any splashes on skin should be washed well with water. If contact with eyes occurs, it shall be washed well with plenty of water and medical advice sought immediately.
  • Fire : CX SUPERCONCRETE LS is non-flammable.
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