CX FLEXIBOND 2C is a two component acrylic polymer modified elastomeric waterproofing membrane which consists of CX FLEXIBOND 2C powder and FLEXIBOND BB liquid acrylic emulsion. It requires only clean fresh water on site mix when mixed in the proper proportions; an easily brushable coating is produced.

Uses :

1.CX FLEXIBOND 2C provides a seamless, waterproof coating suitable for use in water tanks, reservoirs, swimming pools, roofs and to ensure water tightness.
2.CX FLEXIBOND 2C effectively protects against concrete decay providing a long lasting barrier to 
waterborne corrosive salts and atmos

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Low labor costs

Minimum surface preparation needed – Low labor costs.


Excellent adhesion

Bonds to porous and nonporous surfaces.



Excellent for damp-proofing basements


Excellent Features

Excellent for concrete roof, leaking brick and masonry walls


Easy to apply

Applied directly to the damp concrete and masonry.



Non-toxic-ideal for potable water tanks



allows transmission of water vapor from interior of building


Good resistance

Good resistance to Carbon dioxide and Chloride ion diffusion


CX FLEXIBOND 2C provides an elastomeric protective waterproof coating and is shown to resist positive hydrostatic pressure upto 7 meter head. The degree of resistance of CX FLEXIBOND 2C to water under pressure depends on the coating thickness.
Areas subjected to moderate and heavy loads/hydrostatic pressure. Minimum 2mm thickness coating is recommended with screed above.

Pot life At 20C   1 hour
Pot life At 35C   20 minutes 
Mixed Density 1.90kg/liter (brush able Consistency)
Tensile strength 2 N/mm2 (at 1.5mm Thickness)
ColorsGrey and white
Application temperature Not less than 10C
Toxicity  Non-toxic
Adhesion to concrete >1N/mm2
  • Preparation : All the surfaces which are to receive CX FLEXIBOND 2C must be free from oil, grease, wax, dirt or any other form of foreign matter which might affect adhesion. Spalled and deeply disintegrated concrete should be removed to sound concrete and repaired with Recon System.
  • Mixing : CX FLEXIBOND 2C is poured into a plastic or metal drum into this liquid compound is added, for brush Application consistency. Then mixing is started with a slow speed drill (350-450 rpm). The powder component is added gradually to the liquid avoiding lump formation and mixed for 2-4 minutes. Mix and use, more material should not be mixed than can be used within pot life. Retempering with water should not be done. Keep on stirring during application.

  • Application : For best results moisten the surface before coating with CX FLEXIBOND 2C. Apply the mixed material using a short, stiff bristle brush preferably 100 to 150mm width like paint. Trowel thickness. The second coat of CX FLEXIBOND 2C shall apply as soon as the first coat has reached touch dry state.
    On hot substrates, i.e., over 400C surface temperature, a primer coat of mixed CX FLEXIBOND 2C and water with slurry like consistency should be applied. Prime only areas that can be coated with CX FLEXIBOND 2C before the primer dries Material should not be applied at temperatures below 100C. It is recommended that for general re-surfacing the total thickness of the applied material be 1 to 2 mm. Areas subjected to moderate and heavy loads/hydrostatic pressure, minimum 2mm thickness coating is recommended with screed above. Allow the CX FLEXIBOND 2C to dry before covering with screed. Sprinkle coarse sand on wet surface of final coat for better adhesion of screed. Average drying time is 4 to 6 hours at normal temperatures.
  • Subsequent Finishes : CX FLEXIBOND 2C provides an aesthetically pleasing surface finish texture depending on the method of application, and does not normally require any further surface finishes. CX FLEXIBOND 2C is however compatible with most forms of subsequent coatings.
  • Cleaning : CX FLEXIBOND 2C should be removed from tools and equipment immediately after use with clean water. Hardened material can be removed mechanically.
  • Packaging : CX FLEXIBOND 2C powder is supplied as a package of 12kg bag (Industrial Pack) and 3 kg bag powder. flexibond 2C LIQUID is supplied in 5 liters and 1.25 liter jerry can.
  • Storage : CX FLEXIBOND 2C has a shelf life of 6 months in unopened packs, if kept in a dry store. In high humidity locations, the shelf life may be reduced to less than 6 months. Prevent CX FLEXIBOND 2C from freezing.
  • Coverage : This depends on the required consistency. The approximate coverage per pack at even consistency (1 mm thickness) is as follows:
    Consistency Brush Application
    Coverage (12 kg + 5 lit pack): 8 – 9 m2
    Allowances should be made for any possible wastage when estimating
  • Health & Safety instructions : CX FLEXIBOND 2C is non-toxic but it is alkaline in nature. Gloves and goggles should be worn. Any splashes to the skin or eyes should be washed off with clean water. In the event of prolonged irritation, medical advice should be sought. Should use a dust mask while handing the powder.
  • Fire : CX FLEXIBOND 2C components are non-flammable.
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