CX HARDTOP 330 special are quality controlled, factory blended powder which are ready to use on site. They contain special hardwearing aggregates which have been selected for abrasion and wear resistant properties as well as shape and size. These latter considerations, together with the use of high performance workability admixtures, produce a material which is easy to trowel into the surface of fresh, wet concrete.

Uses: CX HARDTOP 330 special provide a highly abrasion resistant surface to concrete floors by the dry shake-on method which ensures that the hardwearing surface bonds monolithically to the base concrete. They are ideally suited for all industrial areas subject to the heaviest traffic, e.g. loading bays, trucking lanes, car parks, workshops, machine shops, ramps and spillways.

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Non metallic

It does not rust or stain.



Forms monolithic bond with base concrete .



It provides a hard, abrasion resistant surface


How Apply

Easy and economical to apply

Mechanical Properties
Appearance / Colours : Powder
Natural (concrete grey)
Other colours upon request
Chemical Base : Natural mineral aggregates graded and mixed with cement, admixtures and pigments
Bulk Density : ~ 1.5 ± 0.1 kg/l at 27ºC
Abrasion Resistance:~1.70 mm thickness loss (average )
Consumption: For Light duty 3.5 to 4.0 kg/m2
For Medium duty 4.5 to 5.0 kg/m2
For Heavy duty 5.5 to 6.0 kg/m2
Substrate Temperature : +5°C min. / +35°C max
Ambient Temperature: +5°C min. / +35°C max 
Relative Air Humidity: 30% r.h. min. / 98% r.h. max
Compressive Strength : 90 N/mm2 (when tested as per BS 1881, Part 116, 1983)
  • It is recommended that the floor be marked off into bays of known area. Sufficient material should then be laid out to meet the required spread rates. Application of CX HARDTOP 330 special can begin when the base concrete has stiffened to the point when light foot traffic leaves an imprint of about 3mm. Any bleed water should by now have evaporated. CX HARDTOP 330 special is applied in two stages
  • (a) The first application is made using 50% to 70% of the total material. CX HARDTOP 330 special is evenly broadcast onto the concrete surface. When the material becomes uniformly dark by the absorption of moisture from the concrete this first application can be floated. Wooden floats or, on large areas, the power trowel with disc may be used. It is important, however, that the surface is not over worked
  • (b) Immediately after floating, the remaining CX HARDTOP 330 special is sprinkled evenly over the surface. Again moisture is absorbed and the surface can be floated in the same way as before. Final finishing of the floor using a power trowel can be carried out when the floor has stiffened sufficiently so that damage will not be caused.
  • The base concrete should have a minimum cement content of 300 kg/m3. The concrete mix should be designed to minimize segregation and bleeding. Free water cement ratios of less than 0.55 are required. Use of CHEMAX's water reducing admixture is recommended. The base concrete should be laid and compacted in accordance with good concrete practice. Accurate finished profile and minimum laitance build-up should be ensured. Particular attention should be paid to bay edges and corners to ensure full compaction. CX HARDTOP 330 special is applied for different types of industrial use.
  •  For concretes with optimized water cement ratios, CX HARDTOP 330 special shall not be broadcast in excess of 3 – 4 kg /m2.  CX HARDTOP 330 special is not advised for broadcast over concrete in subzero temperatures, such as, floorings for cold storages etc. Estimating
  • Packaging : CX HARDTOP 330 Special is supplied in sealed 25 kg HDPE bags
  • Storage : If protected from the environment in ordinal undamaged packing, the shelf life of CX HARDTOP 330 is 12 months. If stored in high temperature and high humidity locations, the shelf life will be reduced.
  • Health & Safety instructions : CX HARDTOP 330 Special contains Portland cement and is therefore alkaline when in contact with water. Prolonged contact with the skin should be avoided. Any eye contamination should be washed immediately with plenty of clean water and medical advice sought.
  • Fire : CX HARDTOP 330 Special is not flammable.
  • The timing of application CX HARDTOP 330 special is important and critical. If applied too early, bleed or excess water will wash away the cementitious content of the products, thereby making them ineffective. Also denser aggregates sink into the concrete. If the application of CX HARDTOP 330 special is done too late, there will not be sufficient water/moisture to absorb the material into the concrete. Material forcibly applied and trowelled thus, will cause cracks on the surface later, as there is no water/ moisture to hydrate the product.
  • Bay edges : CHWhile applying CX HARDTOP 330 special at the edges of the concrete floor or, at the end of bays, extra precaution should be taken by way of sprinkling more material and finishing it smoothly with a steel trowel. This isan additional protection particularly to bay edges where the reaction due to heavy or impact is felt more.
  • Curing : ests have shown that proper curing of concrete floors treated with products such as CX HARDTOP 330 special is essential to ensure the physical properties of the floor. The most efficient method of curing by using CB SUPERCURE WB, curing membrane which conforms to ASTM and DOE specifications
  • Ready To Use : CX HARDTOP 330 special is supplied ready to use on site. Cement or aggregates should never be added to CX HARDTOP 330 special
  • Colored Floors : When a colored floor is required, it is strongly recommended that a job site trial area is laid.
  • Surface Treatment : Penetration type surface treatments are recommended to give low porosity and dust proof property.
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