CHEMAX ANTICOR ACT 200 is water based Anti-Rust Compound. It is ready to use Rust Preventing, no evaporative, Non-inflammable liquid. It also increases the bonding strength to the applied material about 300%, thus giving it an extended strength & life to the material.

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  • CHEMAX ANTICOR ACT 200 is specially designed for protecting Steel from rust and external corrosion, and can be Extensively used in civil, building & construction, iron & steel, chemical & oil industry, Automobile & railways, defense Industry, industrial & domestic industry, Electricity board & pipe manufacturing industry.
  • Appearance : Light yellow
  • Sp. Gravity : 1.28 gm/cm
  • Coverage Area : 250 to 300 sq. ft/ltr (depending on surface)
  • Curing Time : Touch dry – 30 min. & hard dry- 24 hrs Application
  • Method : Brush/spray/dip
  • Packaging : 500Gms, 1kg, 5kgs, 20kgs, 200kgs.
  • Storage : Up to six months in original sealed containers. Avoid direct exposure to light
  • The surface to be applied should be cleaned and free from any rust, dust, dirt, grease, oil & old paints
  • When it is applied on the rusted surface, the color gradually changes & white spots occurred (because of rust) Indicating that the chemical reaction has taken place .The white portion can then be wiped & washed off with water And kept to dry.
  • The applied surface kept it open for dry for 30 minutes under normal weather condition and then further for 24 hrs to completely cure & make it rust proof.
  • It can be painted further with any Synthetic Enamel, Epoxy, Polycoat which will bond with the applied Surface more strongly because of the greater adhesions properties of ACT 200.
  • The application of Red Oxide primer is not necessary after applying CHEMAX ANTICOR ACT 200
  • Always pour / unload ACT 200 chemical only in a PVC / Plastic container and not in any other metallic Container.
  • Always wear Hand Gloves, Eye Goggles while using ACT 200