CX SUPERPLAST FB is a premixed ready to use cement based mortar for external as well as internal plaster, which ensures quality consistency. CX SUPERPLAST FB is a mixture of graded inert fillers, additives, binder.

Uses : CX SUPERPLAST FB can be used for external as well as internal plaster to improve the quality of plastering work.

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Consistency quality

Consistency & Assured quality of plaster for external and internal


good bonding & less rebound

Accurate proportioning of ingredients and homogenous mixture so good bonding, less rebound hence reduces the wastage during plastering


Reduces the cost

Improved labor productivity hence reduces the cost


Convenient to use

Convenient to use by manually or plastering machine also


Better coverage

Better coverage in plaster area.


Excellent permeability

Excellent permeability resistant. Increased plastic life of mortar and reduces drying shrinkage cracks




Composition Ordinary Portland cement, selected sand, specific additives, binder & PP fiber.
Grain size0 to 1.5 mm
DensityAbout 1.8 kg/liter as dry product and about 2.0 kg/liter when mixed with water.
Pot Life 1 hour
Coat thickness15-16mm
  • Application : Ensure substrate is cleans, oil grease, paints and traces of foreign material that may affect adhesion.
    Wet the surface thoroughly and apply CX SUPERPLAST FB to achieve uniform thickness and level surface.
    Mixed CX SUPERPLAST FB after adding water, should be used within 60 minutes.
  • Mixing : Take precise quantity of water & pour into mechanical mixer or can be loaded into plastering machine and slowly add the CX SUPERPLAST FB mortar into mixer at a ratio of 0.15 W/P ratio and mix it thoroughly for application.
  • Curing : Water curing is recommended after 12 hours and to be con by CX SUPERCURE WB curing compound is recommended
  • Packaging : 40 kg. Of woven bags
  • Coverage : 40 kg. Bag of bag CX SUPERPLAST FB will cover 14 to16 ft2 in 14 to 15 mm thickness the coverage depends upon the substrate.
  • Shelf life : 9 months from the date of manufacture under standard storage conditions in a shaded and dry place.
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