CX SUPERCURE W is a white, low viscosity water based which incorporates a special alkalireactive emulsion breaking system. This system ensures that the emulsion breaks down to form a nonpenetrating continuous film immediately upon contact with a cementitious surface.

Uses: For spraying on freshly cast concrete, or newly exposed concrete surfaces after removal of formwork, to form a temporary membrane which will retain sufficient moisture for effective curing to takeplace. Used for concreting generally but especially useful for large areas of concrete such as pavements,runways and bridge decks; also for vertical or sloping surfaces as on towers, chimneys, canal linings,
columns and beams, where water curing is difficult or unreliable

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Single application

 Forms moisture barrier for whole of the curing period.



No risk of erratic or poor curing and ensures that cement hydrates efficiently.


No other curing necessary

 Eliminates use of water, hessian or sand, completely


Easy and sage spray application

Non-toxic and nonflammable.

  • cleaning: Immediately after use the spray equipment should be cleaned out thoroughly with fresh water. If the spray nozzle becomes blocked with wax particles these can easily be removed using white spirit or similar fluid.
  • Estimating Packaging: CX SUPERCURE W is available in 20 and 200 Kg drums.
  • Storage: CX SUPERCURE W has a shelf life of 6 months when stored at temperatures between 50C and 350C. Containers should be kept airtight to prevent surface evaporation. Freezing or prolonged exposure to direct heat or sunlight must be avoided.
  • It is recommended that the floor be marked off into bays of known area. Sufficient material should then be laid out to meet the required spread rates. Application of CX HARDTOP 330 special can begin when the base concrete has stiffened to the point when light foot traffic leaves an imprint of about 3mm. Any bleed water should by now have evaporated. CX HARDTOP 330 special is applied in two stages
  • (a) The first application is made using 50% to 70% of the total material. CX HARDTOP 330 special is evenly broadcast onto the concrete surface. When the material becomes uniformly dark by the absorption of moisture from the concrete this first application can be floated. Wooden floats or, on large areas, the power trowel with disc may be used. It is important, however, that the surface is not over worked
  • (b) Immediately after floating, the remaining CX HARDTOP 330 special is sprinkled evenly over the surface. Again moisture is absorbed and the surface can be floated in the same way as before. Final finishing of the floor using a power trowel can be carried out when the floor has stiffened sufficiently so that damage will not be caused.
  • Health & Safety instructions : CX SUPERCURE W is non toxic. It is advisable to wear goggles when spraying. Inhalation of the spray should similarly be avoided. Should skin contact with the compound occur it shall be washed with clean water and a skin conditioning cream shall be applied. If CX SUPERCURE W comes into contact with eye sit shall be washed with clean water. If irritation persists, immediate medical attention shall be sought. If the compound is swallowed, vomiting should not be induced but medical assistance shall be obtained immediately
  • Fire : CX SUPERCURE W is water based and non flammable.